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    The DTS-2301 Universal microcontroller training system uses an aluminum alloy frame box, and the front of the experimental base plate is painted with component identification diagrams, corresponding to the installation of DIP components, making it easy for students to understand the components. The back of the experimental board is installed using the SMD process, and the entire board is accompanied by circuit diagrams and PCB diagrams, making it convenient for users to learn and reference. The main CPU core board is pluggable and replaceable, and can be STC STC12C5A60S and Intel AT89S52. You can also replace the core board with AVR, PIC, MSP430, STM103 series, ARM7, CPLD, FPGA.

    The user downloads the experimental program from the PC to the CPU of the core board for operation through an RS232 cable or USB cable. You can also conduct simulation experiments on the program through a download cable. The microcontroller IO port and digital integrated circuit port are both led out with 1mm pins and 2mm gold-plated sockets, which can perform specified actions (experiments in the experimental guide book) and facilitate various expansion experiments. The spacing between 1mm pins is 2.54mm, and during the experiment, 1mm pin cable can be used as the connecting wire.The hardware module has 1-2 application routines, providing engineering templates and source programs, and each example has a burned file for user reference. The chips used in the hardware module have detailed functional introductions, circuit schematics, and application cases.This experimental box is widely used for experimental training in various undergraduate and vocational colleges.

Hardware module:

• Serial communication module

• 485 communication module

• Serial to parallel module

• Parallel to serial module

• Dual color dot matrix module

• Eight digit Nixie tube module (dynamic scanning)

• One bit Nixie tube module (static drive)

• OLED module

• 1602 LCD module

• 12864 LCD module

• TFT color screen module

• SD card module

• DS1302 clock module

• 74HC573 module

• 74HC138 module

• Infrared communication module

• Single color running water lamp

• Colorful running water lamp

• Dual color light

color light

• 8-position independent buttons

• 16 bit matrix keyboard

• Five way joystick

• Buzzer

• 24C02 serial port E2PROM module

• AD/DA conversion module

• Relay module

• Step motor

• DC motor

• 8 types of sensor modules: flame, photosensitive, temperature, humidity, Hall sensor, displacement, acceleration, and pressure

• Power module: one set of 5V, 3.3V, and 1.8V each

• 7 types of core boards: 51, AVR, PIC, MSP430, STM103, CPLD,

   FPGA optional

• Optional IoT module

Supported experiment:

Memory block reset

Binary to BCD code conversion

Binary to ASCII code conversion

Memory block movement

Program Jump Table

Data arrangement

IO port experiment

Relay control

74LS138, 573 applications

PWM experiment

Audio control experiment

Serial to parallel conversion

Parallel to serial conversion

Counter experiment

External interruption experiment

Timer experiment

DA/AD conversion experiment

Nixie tube display experiment (dynamic scanning)

Nixie tube display experiment (static display)

Keyboard scanning display experiment

Electronic clock experiment

Single chip microcomputer serial communication

DC motor control

Step motor control

Sensor experiment

Liquid crystal display experiment (including 1602, 12864, TFT color screen, Chinese display)

Application of five way rocker

SD card experiment

Taxi meter

Automatic ringer controller

Copier control circuit

Automatic washing machine controller

Digital password lock circuit

Simple frequency meter

Traffic control lights

Electronic clock

Tug of war game console

Simple coin operated vending machine machine

Arbitrary base addition counter

Multifunctional decimal counter

Design and implementation of 1011 sequence generator and detector

Traffic control circuit at railway and highway intersections

Design and implementation of code converter

Basketball game timer

Automatic elevator control system

Design of basketball 30 second timing control circuit

Festival Lantern Controller

General specifications:

Dimension (W×H×D): 470×160×350 mm

Weight: 4.2kg